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Kris Tan Mei Hong
20th years old
21st June 1990
Xinmin Primary
Peicai Secondary
Ngee Ann Poly


Likes/Loves :

-Air = High Elements

-Land =
playing Basketball
playing Volleyball
playing Soccer
playing Badminton
all kinds of Sports

-Sea = Kayaking



-A Boring Day


Wishes :
-Bike:Spark/Wave/x1 yamaha
-Currently dream phone
-Branded watch
-havanas slipper
-Genting trip (again)
-Taiwan trip
-Hongkong trip
-Wild Wild Wet
-Night cycle (again)
-Earn more money
-Hard drive




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Friday, October 8, 2010

The start of October!

- Friday, 1st oct, went with sijia and her 2 poly friends to JB. This is the 1st time i've shopped for so little things. Or should i say, i only bought 1 stuff back to SG which is rocky (real name= pocky). But had a super full lunch in Wong Kok in JB which costs only RM$11 that comes with rice with chicken cutlet, soup, cold milk tea and fruits. Ended our shopping at 4plus pm and i headed to Velocity @ Novena to collect both linmei and my race bib and chip for our 10k on 17th oct, sunday!

- Saturday, 2nd oct, Sunday, 3rd oct, work!
This is the first time i working for this job. Selling 3d cards. I was located at Orchard Central level 1 to sell them, where the place was aircon-ed, cold! This current job is (Y). Relax (sitting down), pay not bad (basic pay + commission), talk to customers if they have any enquiries, and know more people!

- Tuesday, 5th oct, met with linmei for badminton at srg central's court. Supposed to play from 3 to 5pm but due to our tiredness, stopped the game at 430pm and went for tou hua at opposite srg mac.

- Wednesday, 6th oct, Thursday, 7th oct, work!
My first time to NUS, for work (selling cards). From my house to NUS, it took me 1 and 1/2 hours to travel. "The journey to the West". And the school is as big as NTU. U will have to travel in buses from one school to another in NUS itself. Business was better than expected as i didn't know so many people will buy the cards and thought the school will be quite empty. While traveling back home for these 2 days, i slept in bus like dead pig. So sleepy. And it always ended up that when i woke up, i'm near my house already.

Kris posted @ 3:28 PM

2nd half of September

- Sunday, 19th sep, went to Wild Wild Wet (WWW) with sijia, her 3 cousins and her cousin's friend. Had our free entry into www at 10plus 11am and we headed for our rides. We went to Shiok River to laze around and let the water move us on. And next, to Tsunami for the waves, Jacuzzi for the massage, the Waterworks for the opened and closed slides, Ular-lah for all 6 of us to sit into and slide down and of course, the Slide Up for 2 person. We had Fish and Co express for lunch @ $4.50 only! Ended our day @ www @ 4plus pm and went to tampines mall for Frolick @ 50% off.- Tuesday, 21st Sep, met with Pops and the Usuals for Mid-Autumn Festival at srg. Had our candle lightings and some playing of games.

- Saturday, 25th sep, met with linmei, lemin and sijia at NYP for badminton. Due to some idiotic security guard, we were unable to play badminton in the court. So we played at some open space in some corner of NYP.

- Sunday, 26th sep, went to Escape with sijia and lemin at 12plus 1pm. Had rides like go-kart and pirate ship for many times as it was so empty at Escape on a Sunday! Brian joined us at 3plus pm and we went for more rides and log flume too that got us wet from head to toe. We had our dinner @ Fish and Co express AGAIN! It was nice and cheap. (Y)

- Monday, 27th sep, met up with linmei @ NYP for badminton, and this time, we managed to go through into the court although that idiotic security guard was there. Had my bath after that and we went to meet sijia and lemin at 6pm and brian, terence and jaden joined us at 8pm for our Shabu Shabu & Japanese Delights Buffet @ City Square Mall (Farrer Park- Singapore) for $8.50 only (it was $12 actually)!
- Tuesday, 28th Sep, went to holland village for Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao Buffet for dinner with sis. The xlb are damn nice!! with the meats!!

- Thursday, 30th sep, the day when lemin went to Genting with desmond and family, sijia, linmei and i went to Far East plaza after sijia's last day of work. We went to check out my workplace for saturday's before meeting sijia. Had our dinner at some Graffiti shop for some wanton noodle (nice!) and we went for shopping. I bought a grey long pants that i always wanted, a specs and a bag that costs only $9.90.

Kris posted @ 11:12 AM

1st half of September.

A month has passed so fast that i didn't realise that i need to update my blog again. RECALL!

- For the 1st and 2nd week of september, i had 4 papers in total, with 2 papers with hints, and 2 papers without. After the 3rd paper, i was so not motivated to study for the last paper. It was kind of holiday mood! lol.
- After my exams (the last paper) on 9th sep, wasn't feeling happy or excited as felt that 90% i will flunk the last paper. But, no matter what, it was over and i will enjoy the hard-to-come-6-weeks-holiday. During the night, met with sijia, linmei and lemin at hougang plaza for SUSHI BUFFET and played pool.

After seeing all this pics above, i'm so tempted to go eat again! ^^

- On friday, 10th sep, sijia, lemin and i went to city plaza to shop for some clothes and fbts. But, kind of wasted trip and there were SO MANY people there. We went to expo for so sales. Wanted to go for adidas's but we arrived at 7.05pm when the security guard said it was closed at 7pm. oh gosh, we were late by 5mins. lol! And we went to other halls at expo to walk around. End up, we bought so face-stuff (toner, concealer, etc) and a gola bag that i bought. GOLA again!

- Tuesday, 14th sep, met up with brian, terence, jaden and jiajie for Tung Lok Seafood @ Arena Country Club for dinner buffet for jiajie's departure for overseas internship in China.

Kris posted @ 10:17 AM

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Summary.

It's been nearly a year since updating this blog. And at this time, i should be studying but instead, blogging. Shall give a brief summary of what's the happenings after the previous posting till now. And shall study after that. lol.
Maybe u can start reading/viewin
g from the bottom. =)

41. 23rd August 2010
Met lemin @ Hougang Plaza for kbox and sijia joined us @ kbox after her work at 6pm. We had d
inner at Pizza Hut.
40. 22nd August 2010
i. Met @ 1230pm at Crystal Jade Kitch
en @ Tampines Mall with sijia, linmei & shushan.
Had awesome plain congee with side dis
hes. It may look plain and simple, but that plain congee from Crystal Jade Kitchen doesn't taste PLAIN! (Y)
ii. Went to IKEA @ Tampines. Researched on sofas, chairs and beds.
iii. Headed to Sim Lim Square to
exchange for my charger.
iii. Final destination= Bugis. Shopped
and bought leggings and blazer and met lemin for dinner.39. 14th August 2010
plan- ECP
Final plan- Movie @ Tiff's hou
se & Canadian Pizza & Mac.
38. 10th August 2010
After SM Project Presentation!
37. 7th August 2010
Cookie sessions @ ShuShan's house with sijia & shushan.
36. 30th July 2010
Frolick!!- 50% off thanks to shushan :)

35. 26th July 2010 (27th July)
Happy 23
rd Birthday Lin Mei!34. 22nd July 2010
PFM classmates!
33. 17th July 2010
Had ECD bazaar @ Downdown East and had support from
frens- sijia,yenleng,tiffany,linmei,lemin,aiping,chuiyee. Thanks!
32. 10th July 2010 (14th July)
Happy 20th Birthday Si Jia!
Wanted to go ECP to celebrate but the weather wasn't good that time. And we went to have lunch @ Seoul Garden @ City Square Mall
31. 26th June 2010
Visited Miss Mok & Mr Lim & baby!
30. 20th June 2010 (21st June)
And yes, th
is is my 20th Birthday.
29. 13th June 2010 (14th June)
Happy 20th Birthday Yen Leng!

28. 6th June 2010
ECP- roller blade, volleyball

with sijia & linmei

27. 29th May 2010
Tiff's concert @ Club Nana
with sijia, linmei, yenleng, xiaojun, jingying.
26. 22nd May 2010
Steamboat @ sijia's house with sijia, yenleng, linmei & lemin.

25. 21st & 22nd May 2010
Happy 20th Birthday Tiffany & JingYing!

24. 20th May 2010
Navy Open House 2010 @ Changi and we travelled from NP.
23. 15th May 2010
i. Went orchard
ii. NTUC fairprice @ Hougang Mall for some nicely food
22. 9th May 2010
Initial plan- ECP,
But reached marine parade and downpour,
Final plan- subway @ Junction 8 Bishan

21. 7th May 2010
Chomp Chomp & Frolick with sijia, linmei, yenleng & jingying
20. 24th April 2010
ECP for blading, cycling & volleyball-ing
with sijia, linmei, yenleng, lemin, desmond, brian & terence.
19. 18th April 2010
Went JB with the Usuals- sijia, linmei, lemin
18. 16th April 2010
A Dress day for the girls and watched Date Night (if i don't remb wrongly)
with sijia, linmei, lemin, desmond, jingying, yenleng, xiaojun & tiff.

17. 14th April 2010
Went to NYNY @ CityLink Mall with brian & terence.
And they tried the New York Burger Challenge.

16. 9th to 11th April 2010
Worked @ Expo for Transtar Travel for 3 days from 1030am to 930pm
with sijia & linmei.

15. 3rd April 2010
Continued from Stayover @ sijia's house...
jingying went home early, lemin & linmei slept early. So sijia, yenleng & i continued our games and went for mac breakfast. And sijia & i came back to sleep and woke up for our lunch prepared by sijia's grandma.
Went to ECP for 5B class bbq.
14. 2nd April 2010
Stayover @ sijia's house with sijia, linmei, lemin, yenleng & jingying

i. Had dinner prepared by sijia (Y)
ii. Played bored games and cards till late.

13. 28th March 2010
Pulau Ubin with the Usuals- sijia, linmei, lemin & i.

. 25t
h to 27th March 2010
Genting Highlands with sijia & brian!

i. while waiting for room, took some photos.
ii. caught a bear in arcade for the 1
st attempt (Genting's machine more lenient),
iii. had bbq steamb
oat for dinner,
iv. snow city,
v. watched how to train your
dragon and of course,
vi. we went up to coffe
e bean to enjoy the coldness.26th-
i. had our breakfast buffet
@ Resort Hotel,
ii. Genting Theme Park- Pirate Ship, Spinner, Space shot, Cyclone, Flying Dragon, Dinosaurland, Tea Cup, Flying Jumbo, Antique Car, Double Deck Carousel, Superman roller coaster
iii. Had dinner- chao kway tiao & pineapple rice
iv. Disco Bowling

i. Bowling again! its like a fun!
ii. We did some last min shopping and it's time to leave Genting for Singapore @ 2pm.

11. 21st March 2010
ECP, kite flying @ Sengkang with sijia & linmei
10. 20th March 2010
Spotlight @ Plaza Sing with sijia! tried out all stuff that we saw.

9. 14th March 2010
JB again! haha! with sijia & lemin.
8. 17th February 2010
Went JB with sijia, linmei, jack, brian & terence
No pictures taken, so video for replacement.

7. 12th February 2010
Steamboat in my house again.
with yenleng, sijia, lem
in & desmond.
6. 6th February 2010
Anderson Ice-cream @ AMK Hub with sijia & linmei.

5. 21st January 2010
Tung Lok Seafood Buffet @ Arena C
ountry Club
with jack, brian & terence.
4. 22nd December 2009
Had I&E event which we organized High elements for the public and frens (jack, brian & jiajie) came down to support.

3. 18th October 2009
Roller blade-d from ECP to Changi Airport, viewing all the nice scenery.
with sijia & linmei.

2. 17th October 2009
Went JB (city square) with sijia, shushan & yenleng.1. October 2009
Steamboat in my House with sijia, lemin & xiaojun.

Kris posted @ 2:27 PM