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Kris Tan Mei Hong
20th years old
21st June 1990
Xinmin Primary
Peicai Secondary
Ngee Ann Poly


Likes/Loves :

-Air = High Elements

-Land =
playing Basketball
playing Volleyball
playing Soccer
playing Badminton
all kinds of Sports

-Sea = Kayaking



-A Boring Day


Wishes :
-Bike:Spark/Wave/x1 yamaha
-Currently dream phone
-Branded watch
-havanas slipper
-Genting trip (again)
-Taiwan trip
-Hongkong trip
-Wild Wild Wet
-Night cycle (again)
-Earn more money
-Hard drive




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Saturday, August 30, 2008

teachers' day celebration

went back to peicai on friday(yesterday) for teachers' day celebration.. saw lots of familiar faces.. haha.. but ms mok wasn't there.. she will be back in peicai by next yr's teachers' day..
we gave our BIG cards to them and chatted.. don't know when is the next visit to peicai.. next yr? tt will be very long..

went cafe cartel & k-garden with poppers, vip and le min.. from 2 to 8 i guess..
Finally, home-d..

Kris posted @ 10:32 AM

Friday, August 29, 2008

Time passed abit faster than yesterday's at work.. but still, it was boring..
With lots of stuff to pack.. didn't pack all up by today, so hv to continue on monday.. but i dun hv to rush.. tts wat my boss says.. cos if i'm too fast, she got nothing for me to do.. so, take my time.. HAHA..

Went home after tt.. bought quite alot of stuff.. tibits.. hahas..
tv-ing and com-ing..
and off i go to sleep now..
have to wake up early later..
to meet poppers..
see ya =)

Kris posted @ 12:23 AM

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blogging blogging..

went sch today for iDare camp briefing..late.. but anyway, the briefing haven't start when we were late for 30 mins..
it lasted about 2 hours.. and our grp name is called mambo mambo.. haha.. we still have to meet up on some other days within this 2 weeks for flag and shirt designing..
went for lunch at canteen 1 for jap food. haha. i haven't eat jap food since the start of exam.. so today finally ate..

home-d at 3plus.. den continue to do my blogskin and tagboard.. haha.. i finally changed the blogskin and added tagboard with the help of my sis and sj..


Kris posted @ 10:58 PM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's boring..
Holiday starts, but its boring still..
Boring at home, at work..
I'm waiting for Friday to come..

come soon pls, Friday..

i'm bored to death.

Kris posted @ 10:59 PM

Went to work yesterday and today.. 8.30am to 5.30pm.. office hours!!
- Sad becos i have to wake up early in the morning..
- Happy becos i can earn money to save and spend..
the time was slow when comes to work.. haha.. i was counting down on every hour..

i must hit my target

Kris posted @ 10:33 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 hours++ Queue

Went to Ci Yuan CC to attend and collect a bursary from cdc & ccc polytechnic bursary at 11am..

Ended at 1130 and headed to srg mrt to wait for tiff to collect our Nike Human Race pack tgt at Clarke Quay..
But heard from jack a bad news.. LONG queue at the race pack collection.. he waited for like 2 hours.. and we waited for like 3hours & 15mins(12.45-4pm).. piang!! Lucky my fren was there to collect.. and was far in front of us.. so we cut queue.. hahah.. if not, I guess we had to queue for 4 hours..

Finally, we got our race pack.. with our Nike+ human race shirt, Nike water bottle, yahoo wrist band, vouchers and stuff..

We went to the Central for our lunch/dinner at long john silver.. took out our race pack and explore.. haha.. den to Chippy British take away to buy my cheese sausage!! Haha.. den we headed back home.. it was still raining that heavy..flooded.

Kris posted @ 9:45 PM

Sentosa trip with NPOB on 23rd August 2008

Today is sentosa trip with NP OB-ians.. but the weather is worst than yesterday’s.. becos today was like no tanning at all.. yesterday’s was at least suntan with some redness.. but today, NOPE.. but well, we had fun.. we met at 1130am ++.. went to the market to have our branch.. den still, it was raining.. we went to giant to get tibits and went to buy the tickets..

Headed to siloso beach at ard 1pm.. played volley.. and it rained.. den went into shelter and washed our foots and slippers.. but we went out to play not long after although it’s still raining.. afterall, we just wanna have fun.. we coordinated quite well man!! Haha.. I liked it when we could keep the ball bouncing from 1 person to another person without dropping the ball..and we laughed out loud on the coordinations, the pattern of our playing of volley, and stuff.. =) played volley in the sea too.. swam inside the sea.. cooling.. with our “referee”..

Celebrated the August babies under the shelter.. they were to open the presents that we bought for them.. yu heng and jun kai got the boxers, suspender, shirt and tie. Haha.. they were forced to wear.. N its funny and also embarrassing for them..i guess.. well, NPOB is this kind of craziness..

Went vivo for dinner at dunno wat time(7-8pm).. bought subway(turkey breast with double chocolate chip) and ate at the grandstand.. chatted and laughed.. and the august babies cut their
cake(green tea flavor).. went and reach home ard 1040pm..

Will be uploading the photos soon.. when I have the photos.. haha..

Kris posted @ 12:09 AM

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sentosa trip with TB05&06(NP) on 22th August 2008, Friday

Went to sentosa at ard 11am.. we met at harbourfront mrt at 930am.. some were late.. haha.. den we went to long john for patrick’s breakfast+lunch..

Headed to sentosa straight.. this biscuit is cute.. haha..

We settled down on the siloso beach which is beside a volleyball court.. managed to get a volleyball court as it’s a Friday which I think only ngee ann and republic poly is having holiday now.. We played volleyball and frisbee, den into the sea.. But the weather is not good.. it started to drizzle the moment we went into the sea.. haha.. mayb God doesn’t approve us of going into the sea as it’s the seventh month.. lols..

So we went for shelter and headed to palawan beach.. ate abit at koufu food court.. Finally, the weather was better.. the sun came out and the rain was gone.. We went into the sea AGAIN.. but this time is Palawan beach’s sea.. N I was “forced” to take off my shirt.. haha.. swam and played inside water.. den went up to play volleyball.. and back into the sea again.. finally, it’s time for us to bath!!
After tt, we went to vivo for dinner.. at 4plus pm.. headed to subway.. ate chicken teriyaki.. den yu shan, shera and chiu yee joined us.. we chatted and laughed out loud.. HAHA!! Played some fortune game.. Went to daiso and pet safari.. 1 of the dog caught vanessa’s attention.. she wanna buy back the dog.. haha.. it’s cute and quiet..

On the way home, we sat in the northeast line mrt back from harbourfront.. den a seat which was beside Vanessa had a red stain.. we didn’t sat there.. den 1 lady sat on the red stain.. our eyes were staring big and were like “opps”.. hmm.. lucky she wasn’t wearing white shorts.. haha.. if not, her shorts will become a japan flag.. lols..

Kris posted @ 11:30 PM

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today woke up late.. 12pm.. slept for 10 hours throughout!! pig liao arh.. haha.. Met Si Jia at hougang interchange.. we went to singpost cos i helped to do my sis stuff.. den to popular for si jia's fabric markers/pens.. den to library.. i din wan to borrow any books as i don't really read books.. and from my past experience, i borrowed the books back and did not read at all.. lols.. in the end, i got fined for not returning the books back on time.. 3 books in total, $1.35. but this time, i saw a comics and i borrowed.. haha.. mayb comics can interest me..

On the way back home, bought zinger student meal (kfc) and tempura(sweet not spicy).. the whole bus was "polluted" by the smell of my dinner.. haha.. watched tv throughout from 5pm.. later gonna watch crime hunters again!! but today will be delayed till 1135pm.. bcos of some rally stuff again..

ok gtg.. bye bye ^_^

Kris posted @ 10:16 PM

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Neu Trends..

Woke up at 9am this morning.. went to work at tpy..

So my job for today was to paste the office tag and price on the flower pen's cover.. haha..

As i was sitting down on the floor for all the pasting of stickers, my both thighs were numb-ed..

Ended work at ard 6plus pm.. Bought dinner back home and watched tv..
Tml's not working.. rot at home tml!! arruggh..

Kris posted @ 11:31 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last paper.. Holiday starts!!

Went to sch for bsta paper today.. Finally, it's the last paper.. but, already know a number of marks will be gone cos not enuff time.. arruggh.. wasted!!

After paper, some of us went to cineleisure for kbox.. Sang from 1pm to 6pm.. wah piang!! Sang until like no voice liao.. hahas.. We had lots of fun and laughter in there, created by every single one of us.. The package included drinks and refillable tibits.. and i think we refilled our tibits for more than 10 times.. Goosh.. i think the staff that helped us to refill will be thinking that we are the hungry ghosts.. lols..

We went to the kbox room with the double screens.. haha.. So if anyone is blocking the big screen in front, we can still look 45 degrees up to another screen for our lyrics.. haha..

Ok this is all of us.. with chiu yee joining us at ard 5pm..

After that, we walked ard in cine and vanessa bought a num sandal for her fren.. We headed for heeren and i bought a shirt.. haha.. spending money again!! Went for far east plaza for long john.. And worst of all, i checked my bank acct.. I'm gone case.. shall not further elaborate.. shld be quite obvious..

Headed home in 132 and tv-ing.. ok have to slp soon.. tml's gonna work!! yea, there's income..
Bye!! ^-^

Kris posted @ 11:56 PM

Monday, August 18, 2008

tml is gonna be the last paper of my 1st semester in poly.. yea..
today was just study and study.. with watching tv and using com..
well, its a boring day.. as i'm stuck in the house to STUDY.. hoohoo..
ok i gonna sleep soon.. tml's having early paper again..

Kris posted @ 11:40 PM

Sunday, August 17, 2008

As usual, today went to church in the morning.. But today i finally woke up early to be able to attend for the sunday sch class. My niece and nephew(keziah and abel) super cute.. And keziah kept smiling to me when she saw me.. haha.. Do i have a funny face? haha.. She finally recognises me.. cos normally children at ard 1 or 2 yrs old don't really remb people except for their parents and grandparents cos they spent most of the days with them. While i only see them once a week if i go to church..

After church, raining again.. i went to hougang mall and bought lots of things.. haha.. i've been spending lots.. have to piah like siao during holidays soon.. i bought 3 stuff and helped my sis to buy her 3 stuff too. i think i spent more than 100bucks today.. =(
But, I bought a volleyball =) haha.. 37bucks like tt.. -_-

but i think the skin of the volley will come out soon.. haha.. u will know when u play it..

Bought chicken foldover meal from mac back home..plus some finger food(chinken wing).. i must be damn siao.. eating chicken all the time.. must become vegetarian soon.. haha.. had so much for lunch.. so nv eat for dinner..

went home slack AGAIN.. watch tv.. olympics again.. and psp-ed.. played roller coaster tycoon. haha.. cos i found the cd that sj burned for me last time so i just play.. den went to watch olympics again.. As usual, China will always win Singapore's team for table tennis.. but anyway, i think is China vs China (no offence).. cos is China-ians playing for Singapore.. so.. ya..

Finally, i think i gonna study in abit for tues' paper and write some notes down NOW..

SJ, good luck and all the best for ur exam for tml(Monday).. and to the rest of my frens too..
jia you!!

so, bye.. =)

Kris posted @ 9:21 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Saturday Paper

Today woke up as early as yest's.. bcos my exam paper start at 9am!! so i have to wake up at 6plus am when i have 9am lesson or exam.. sian..

As i wasn't really studying at home yest (been slacking,tv-ing,psp-ing,pc-ing), i studied in bus on the way to sch today.. and today's journey to sch was damn shiok.. board bus at 7.10am.. alight at 7.55am at oppo sch.. onli 45mins which normally takes 1hr15mins to sch on weekdays and have to squeeze with people.. studied more at bus stop while waiting for frens and time to come(8.40am go in classroom for exam). i studied the critical points only when at the bus stop.. was lucky that the questions that came out was what i studied.. but i only memorise briefly.. so.. hope i can pass this ITB.. don't wanna retake for this module..

Went home after paper.. aunt came.. finally, sis and i did house cleaning, aunt helped out.. now e house is much better..
Watching olympics now.. beach volleyball... haha.. slacking ard cos paper is 3 days more..

Kris posted @ 2:52 PM

Friday, August 15, 2008

Start of Exam!!

Hoosh.. 1st paper is done! don't know if i will even pass not.. draw wrong graph.. left blanks due to time constraint. haha.. well, hopefully i can pass and not retain can le.. really must pray hard.

hmm.. i shld be studying for tml's IT in Buiness paper NOW.. but, i start with my blog.
don't know whether i will blog it everyday but, i will see how it goes.. haha.. Best Luck!!

Kris posted @ 2:41 PM