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Kris Tan Mei Hong
20th years old
21st June 1990
Xinmin Primary
Peicai Secondary
Ngee Ann Poly


Likes/Loves :

-Air = High Elements

-Land =
playing Basketball
playing Volleyball
playing Soccer
playing Badminton
all kinds of Sports

-Sea = Kayaking



-A Boring Day


Wishes :
-Bike:Spark/Wave/x1 yamaha
-Currently dream phone
-Branded watch
-havanas slipper
-Genting trip (again)
-Taiwan trip
-Hongkong trip
-Wild Wild Wet
-Night cycle (again)
-Earn more money
-Hard drive




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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Went Malaysia with si jia, her mum, lin mei and le min today.. we went to city square shopping centre to shop..
went to secret recipe to have our cheese cakes and drinks..
saw a unique telephone booth which doesn't exist in Singapore..

den we headed to our shoppings!

It wrote pop something.. haha..

Budget corner!! haha

YES! Its the traffic lights in the shop.

Long queue while waiting for bus 950 to woodlands interchange..

Well, it was super CHEAP there.. total only spend S$36 for cheese cakes, shirt, shorts, arcade, dinner.. N a free ride back Singapore(not intentionally one)


Genting next? =p

Kris posted @ 10:13 PM

Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st aid..

Haven been touching on 1st aid stuff like theory and practical(bandages and cpr).. but still remb some of them.. went for 1st aid course on 22,23 and 25th oct.. n we had our exam today(25th).. and all of us passed.. haha..

had been busy recently.. due to the upcoming event, LEP(local expedition programme).. had meetings for t-shirt design, programme list, F&B etc.. reached home 10pm plus every now and then.. work and meetings kept crashing.. i had to give up one to go for another one.. opportunity cost.. lols..

Kris posted @ 6:21 PM

a great catch-up..

went roller blading with si jia, le min, lin mei, jian bin and rex on 21st sep(sunday) at east coast..
si jia pulling le min with their blades on using the blades strip.. haha..

yes lin mei, i took ur photo le.. haha..

We played volley and frisbee after tt..

After that, we went to compass point to have our dinner.. n, tts not the end of the day.. we went to play bball and volley once again! =) home-d ard 10pm plus..

FUN day out with u guys.. malaysia soon.. =)

Kris posted @ 6:10 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2008

the Past...

I wish to go back to the past..

where all were in sch uniforms..

where i see u, in sch, in camps..

We chatted happily and non-stop to our destinations..

YOU, who i can confide in..

i miss..

Kris posted @ 12:06 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gua Mu Sang(Malaysia) recee

Our 10-12 hours train to Gua Mu Sang had arrived.. =)

Us, NPOB in the train..

the cafe in the train.

Gua Mu Sang

The river that we are supposed to raft.. teh ta rai colour.. and we saw watersnake.. omg..

the goat
Our way back to Singapore.. They were on the higher deck..
In the train.. all having our fun..

Jun Kai with our dessert..

Ms Ong getting to sleep.. but disturbed by us..
Kelvin & i
Kelvin, i, jaz

Kris posted @ 6:43 PM

TB05&06 class chalet

some random photos..

Kris posted @ 6:39 PM

iDare camp in Bintan

Shall not elaborate more and let the pics talk.

Our sleeping area
Very very fun ride.

Our trainers

Kris posted @ 6:24 PM

Sunday, September 7, 2008


went out with si jia and lin mei for bball and volley at yio chu kang..

We managed to climb up.. haha.. not very difficult task though..

Si Jia dun EMO.. hahas..

Kris posted @ 10:51 PM

Friday, September 5, 2008

I need more sleep!

Worked on wed to fri(today). Slept for 5 hours every night.. gets tired and sleepy easily when working, especially when the work is boring.. but time passed fast at work today.. :)

Yesterday met up with poppers.. Met them(all except jocelyn) at far east after my work. We went searching for present.. haha.. finally bought her 2 shirts, wednesday and sunday shirts.
Den we went to make a video of birthday for joc..
Headed to amk to SURPRISE joc.. coordinated with her mum..
Mooncake as birthday cake.. haha..
Headed to pasar malam at srg central.. lots of stalls had closed as it was 11++ pm.. We chatted at bus stop and went home after tt..
Fun day out!

Kris posted @ 7:41 PM

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unexpected Shopping!

today went to marina square to meet iDare camp grp members.. to get our ids..
but victor and i went to buy our camp pouch at suntec 1st before meeting grp members.. haha.. den i bought 1 fbt shorts.. den we headed to marina square's mac for meeting.. went to find our hot pink shirt for printing.. but no hot pink found in giordano, hangten, bossini, baleno... we went from marina square to citylink, to chinatown(to get other ids), concourse, queensway shopping mall..
finally at queensway shopping mall, we managed to find the hot pink shirt and get printed.. hope the final shirt will be nice!!
i bought a running arm wallet/phone case, converse bag and kappa shoes.. haha..

well, its really unexpected.. i wasn't really know i gonna buy so many stuff today..
everytime when we wanted to buy lots of stuff, we tend to buy very little as maybe the place that we go was not really shopping area or there wasn't new stuff for us to buy..
den today, i bought the stuff that i needed to buy.. haha.. cool!!

one day and its settled!! =)

Kris posted @ 12:06 AM

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lucky or Unlucky?!

after the race, tiff and i went to srg mac for dinner.. den we headed home..

then, i realised i FORGOT to bring my keys on my way back home in 147.. i called my sis and after awhile, my phone went dead.. No more BATT.. i took bus to amk mrt station at my house bus stop at 10plus pm.. was lucky to be able to have bus and mrt at 12plus am.. managed to take the last train and last bus to my sis's hostel at NTU..
Finally met my sis and her fren.. my sis said she even wanted to call the POLICE.. omg.. lucky she nv.. she contacted like 4 of my frens..
so i stayed till tues morning 8plus am den headed home..
now preparing to go marina square for my iDare grp meeting..
i must remb to bring keys out of the house!! if not, i guess i have to go to my aunt's hse this time to get the keys and can't work for 1 more day!!

Kris posted @ 11:19 AM

Nike+Human Race 10k [31st August 2008]

Finally, this day has come.. 10k run.. challenge my limits.. cos i'm bad at long distance run.. stitches always come.. but, we managed to finish the run in 1hr 23min++.. haha..

The RED SEA (said by some runner)

After the race, our finisher bracelet.. like a cert like tt.. hahas..

took with hui ting.. NPOB.. lots of them ran too..

Han oso ran.. haha..so qiao.. this race consists of like millions of people? cos we saw lots of familiar faces..



I think Panda and Joanne Peh ran with us.. woah.. and the hosts and some performancers threw ipods and nike shoes to we, the audience.. but tiff and i weren't lucky to catch it.. haha..

Finally, ard 8plus 9pm, boys like girls appeared on stage.. everyone there was waiting for them.. and tiff went crazy.. haha..

Kris posted @ 10:39 AM