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Kris Tan Mei Hong
20th years old
21st June 1990
Xinmin Primary
Peicai Secondary
Ngee Ann Poly


Likes/Loves :

-Air = High Elements

-Land =
playing Basketball
playing Volleyball
playing Soccer
playing Badminton
all kinds of Sports

-Sea = Kayaking



-A Boring Day


Wishes :
-Bike:Spark/Wave/x1 yamaha
-Currently dream phone
-Branded watch
-havanas slipper
-Genting trip (again)
-Taiwan trip
-Hongkong trip
-Wild Wild Wet
-Night cycle (again)
-Earn more money
-Hard drive




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Saturday, November 29, 2008

IT Fair

Went to expo today(friday) with le min & her classmates.. total 10 of us.. i think so.. met ard 3.15-3.30pm.. was crowded with ppl when we entered expo.. 2nd day of IT fair & it's full of ppl.. Walked into hall 1 and saw lots of stuff.. all promoters were like kept giving us the brouchers and kept asking whether wat are we looking for, is there anything that they can help.. We ended up with super lots of brouchers on hand..

We ended up in Hall 4 or 6.. den HUNGRY! we went to buy donuts and met with le min's frens.. headed into the IT fair again.. i bought mp4 as my mp3 SPOILT.. headed to harddisk area where le min & 2 frens bought.. separated with her frens after tt.. we went back to hall 1 to buy my laptop cover($9) and ear pieces(2=$18).. hahaa.. quite cheap ones. i was hesitating about whether to buy the harddisk not.. cos dunno will be using it anot.. but cheap! 250gb=$98 only!! mayb sunday going again.. sis wanna see hp.. but i think will be super crowded.. cos it's the last day of the fair and it's a SUNDAY..

Kris posted @ 2:38 AM

Holland Village (caps ON)

Last sunday, 23rd nov, pops went to holland v for food hunt..

We went to food centre for our 1st station..

ColdRock for our 2nd station..
Yoghurt for 3rd stationIn bus to vivo..
In adidas shop.
Went to starbucks.. chatted till 8.15pm..

Kris posted @ 2:17 AM

Monday, November 24, 2008


today no lecture for blaw.. so woke up late.. supposed to wake up at 9 this morning cos meeting hilda at 1030 at np bus stop for our dss presentation at 1355.. but woke up at 930-945.. rushed and reached sch at 11..
had our lunch at SIM(megabites).. chicken chop meal + fries.. left SIM at 1330.. we were walking towards our classroom for presentation which is at blk 72.. den..

hilda: which floor arh?
i : si(4). den we are like OH! 4 means die in chinese..
wy: at least our classroom still ok..
hilda: which classroom?
i : si qi(17). den i realised the pronunciation of 17.. omg.. si qi is like deadline..

bcos we were going to do presentation and the classroom number (04-17) doesn't sounds good!

After presentation, pat called his fren to buy 4D.. haha.. i just wanna play too so i joined too. but only $1.. haha.. oso dunno is buy for when..

Kris posted @ 11:34 PM

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Theory trial test

Today went to jurong point to get my laptop installed.. microsoft office, adobe stuff, etc.. but some stuffy cropped up.. think have to meet the person again.. but he's ok.. able to help me solve the thingy next time..

Went to meet sj and her mum for trial theory test at yck.. the person said ssdc passing rate quite low.. alamak.. i hope it won't apply to us.. the 4 of us.. hope the instructor will be in a good mood when we are taking our TP.. We walked into the room, all was silent and they started the test already.. i was allocated the front seat..can't even sit tgt with them.. i was even nervous. heart was pumping super fast.. did the test.. watched the time.. decided the final answer and..... end the test.. passed.. hope the actual theory test will be about the same.. not too difficult or complicated qns..

Hey, all the best for the test next sat k.. jia you..

Went home after tt.. slack till now.. ate and watch mobtv at the same time.. haven do any tutorial.. sianx.. presentation on monday.. -.-
think continuing to watch show now.. haven bath..

some pics on xj's bdae at her hse..

Kris posted @ 11:51 PM

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Xiao Jun !

Tiff came out with an idea to surprise xj for her bdae today(20th nov)..
we met at 10pm plus just now to gather and surprise her.. happened that xj went out to buy drinks, we managed to go into her house with her family's help.. lighted the candles and surprised her.. We ate 2 cakes(1 by pops, 1 by her family) with oranges and apples and alcoholic drink by her mum..

We discussed about upcoming events.. came out with dates.. but its hard to meet tgt as a whole.. Hope that the outings will be more towards 5B outings..

Ended our conversation ard 12am.. Was fetched home bcos our last bus was gone!

Kris posted @ 2:02 AM

Whats Next

Whats Next camp was on 14th-16th nov.. we had food hunt on 14th(friday), ard 8pm-11pm..

Korean District near np, ice cream;
Adam's road, nasi lemak;
Holland Village, yogurt;
Kap, ice cream;
near np, WASABI prata.

after food hunt, went to slp at bk 18, 02-02.. i brought neither slping bag nor jacket.. it was freaking cold in the room. had to cover using poncho..

2nd day, we started our amazing race ard Singapore at 7am plus..
we managed to hitch ride for 4 or 5 times..

Last station of amazing race, PULAU UBIN..

We built our tents and did our outdoor cooking.. maggi mee+hotdogs+dessert(logan).. had night walk after that.. frens and i decided not to sleep and talk through whole night.. and yup, we managed to chat till 545am when we are supposed to wake up.. but we fell asleep at 545am while we were lying down on the mat and discussing about the shapes formed by the clouds.. woke up at ard 7am when everyone was up already..

We headed back and reached np at ard 10am.. washed our tents and headed for bathing.. Had our lunch and videos shown in lecture room..

Kris posted @ 1:35 AM


Had ptc on 8th-10th nov.. camp for gls.. train us for outreach camp.

but quite a leisure camp.. we slept at loft.. the building opposite of np, especially for foreigners and lecturers.. the apartment was air-conditioned, big living room and sleeping rooms.. toilet was hotel style.. cool!
the apartment can stay up to 8 person..

After trying out the games during the 1st day, we had BBQ on the 2nd night.. quite shocked rather.. our table was kept asking for chicken wings and hotdogs.. garlic breads too..

Kris posted @ 1:12 AM

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today tried out new ways to go to sch.. took bus 165 to macritchie to change bus. took 52.. although it was squeezy in the bus, but it took a shorter time and distance as compared to taking 74.. so today i make it on time for tutorial lesson at 9am..

survived 3 tutorials(6 hours) today! but hates it.. becos its just too sleepy at the last tutorial.. this week is week 4 already.. that means, we are going to present our projects soon.. hate it!

Went home after sch. Chiong-ed tutorials.. becos this weekend will be burnt. having camp! wouldn't have the time to do any tutorials but just to slp at home after camp i guess.. but at least i have some satisfaction after doing 2 tutorials today and submitted some excel thingy online(deadline is tml, 6/11)..

Yesterday went to work at tpy for 3 hours after sch.. hahas.. must be crazy right.. since i got no money and she nds ppl to work, den i go earn some extra money. hahas.

I'm still thinking whether to go work tml not..

Haven been watching taiwan or hk show online this few days.. busy arh!! but going to watch soon.. haha.. ying ye 3+1..


Kris posted @ 11:56 PM

Sunday, November 2, 2008

jian wen's 21st bdae

Met up with sj, 2 lm and lm's cousin yesterday.. we went to ecp at 3pm for our swaveboard again..

Le min and i were the orangesss yesterday..

we played volleyball after swaveboard for 2 hours..

met glynis and rest to jian wen's 21st bdae party at ecp too.. Goldkist chalet..

Buffet and bbq..

had lots of chit chatting and playing of games and magic tricks.. haha.. nice time catching up with them! =)
we spent our time taking photos too..

Kris posted @ 11:36 PM


Its friday and i missed training AGAIN.. well, its POPs gathering..

Planners always have a hard time.. to plan the place, the dates, the time..

this time, yl was our planner..

we headed to bugis mrt at 6pm plus plus..

searched for arab street to find a restaurant that has sheesha too..

we had our dinner at the restaurant(Amirah's grill restaurant & cafe no 14) 1st den tried sheesha.. erm.. not very interesting after trying it.. the flavour wasn't that strong.. its the smoke, i guess..

it was alot.. we couldn't finish it and so we passed the sheesha to the customers next table.. they were surprised that we don't wan our sheesha and gave them.. but they accepted it gladly..

we went to have dessert after that.. somewhere there too.. bugis.. the dessert there was nice!!

that marks the end of our day.. joc's fren fetched us back to srg central.. and we had a small chat and all headed back home..

Kris posted @ 11:16 PM

great eastern women run

i just realised i haven been blogging for 1 week plus..

too lazy! i guess.. shall continue blogging now!

went with tiff for Great Eastern Women run on 26th october.. woke up super early on that day. cos the run starts at 830am.. zzz..

After the run, we went to citylink and marina sq to walk.. bought a colourful pencil.

went to amk to find presents and had our brunch.. prata and kaya toast and eggs.. delicious..

went back home at ard 12plus 1pm to get ready for next event!! hahas.. Le min's bdae..

we tried the swaveboard.. it's fun..

Kris posted @ 10:50 PM