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Kris Tan Mei Hong
20th years old
21st June 1990
Xinmin Primary
Peicai Secondary
Ngee Ann Poly


Likes/Loves :

-Air = High Elements

-Land =
playing Basketball
playing Volleyball
playing Soccer
playing Badminton
all kinds of Sports

-Sea = Kayaking



-A Boring Day


Wishes :
-Bike:Spark/Wave/x1 yamaha
-Currently dream phone
-Branded watch
-havanas slipper
-Genting trip (again)
-Taiwan trip
-Hongkong trip
-Wild Wild Wet
-Night cycle (again)
-Earn more money
-Hard drive




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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Met up with si jia, lemin and lin mei for bball session at 430pm on thursday.. so si jia and i met at amk hub and took 159 to nyp to meet both lms after their projects.. we borrowed ppl's tennis rackets and tried our best to play. lol.. played and chatted with lin mei's frens. Ended game at 7pm and we went to have dinner at blk 681 hougang.. zu cao.. had hotplate tofu, thai style chicken and stir-fried kangkong.. lin mei and i wanted another plate of hotplate tofu as it was super delicious with the scrambled egg at the bottom.. Yesterday, which was friday, went for sakura which is near yck stadium.. we were initially located at the outside seats as insides were reserved. had our meals until 730pm when we saw lizard and flies!! damn disgusting.

The waiter came to collect those empty plates and we told him about the insects, he suggested us to complain.. lol.. maybe he is unhappy working there and took this chance to let us complain the sakura outlet at yck. hahs.. but the flies on our food were from outside, not from the cook, so we didn't want to complain.. he got us seats inside and we ate till 9pm..

After meal, we went to 265 bus stop but it went past us before we could reach the bus stop.. so we took cab instead to amk hub as we were catching movies..
First movie- Drag me to hell- 920pm..
scary.. as the ppl kept popping out.. with all the green vomiting stuff.. yucks!
Second movie- I love you man- 1150pm..
Movie ended at 1.40am and we took cab home.. cabbies will really grab every opportunity to earn money.. as seen from the map drawn by me, we were the stickmen.. the 3 cabs were at the left side initally.. den the 3rd cab, which is cab 3 in the map, saw us, horned us to alert us that he's coming, reversed very fast and smooth, and stopped in front of us.. from point A to point B.. if its daytime, i doubt they can do so.. Today, saturday, woke up at 9am and prepared to go ssdc.. lemin reached super early.. 10am reached when our lesson starts at 1030am.. met her at canteen around 1018am and we went to wear all those guards.. i went for cr and she went for rr.. my cr today was fun.. after those test routes where the instructor told us our mistakes and our timings for each individual courses, we went for fun stuff.. the cornerings!! it was damn fun.. first time i could control it well with the cones so near to each other. similar to pylon slalom.. we ended lesson at 1230pm..
after lunch, played facebook and was too tired and slept till 7pm.. and i was being woke up from sleep a few times and thought it was the next morning and was my tp! i think i'm damn nervous about it.. but i think i will fail this time again.. went for 1 cr and 1 rr.. think its not enough but i hope miracles really happen this time..

Kris posted @ 8:29 PM

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday- 14/06/09
Happy 19th Birthday to yen leng

today woke up late. 4pm.. total of 12 hours of sleep. supposed to acc sis to pc show but nope. so met jia li and her at downstairs' pasar malam at 5plus.. bought durian and stuff.. hoos.. and came back home to watch show and slacked..

Saturday- 13/06/09

Met pops(tiff, yl, joc, zh) at yck mrt for Jurong Bird Park..

And we went back to Jurong point at 5plus pm.. had drinks at starbucks and birthday celebration too..

Friday- 12/06/09
Had my last common test paper- SOM from 830am-10am.. and went with frens to grand cathay to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past at 1105am..saw lots of army boys.. watch till 1pm plus and we went to Just Acia at Dhoby Ghaut for lunch.. den to Taka for kinokuniya for some magazines.

Den i went to amk hub to meet friends(tiff, sj,xlm,llm,cy) for both yl and chin guan's presents.. and we went to nebo for the same old purpose.. So we boarded bus 24 and alight at near last time's peicai.. and met yl where her bus was behind ours. so we took bus 109 to coasta sands resort to meet zh and xj who shared cab and went to chin guan's 21st birthday celebration.. we had buffets and chit-chatting with Ms Lee..

We went to E-hub after that for air-cons and went to sengkang for bball-ing while the rest bought drinks for us.. thanks! played till 11pm and we went home after that..

Weekdays- 8/06/09 to 12/06/09
Had 3 papers in total..

monday- aaa, which i will need to retest..
wednesday- pmkt, which i will retest too.

friday- som, which i hope no retest please.

Weekends- 6/06/09 & 7/06/09
met with sj and went to bball match at sengkang cc at 5pm.. thanks for accompanying me! =)
left around 8plus pm..

went for road revision at 1.05pm on sunday.

Friday- 30/05/09

Zhi how's 19th birthday! we went to ice cube for dinner and to dessert bowl.

Kris posted @ 11:53 PM