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Kris Tan Mei Hong
20th years old
21st June 1990
Xinmin Primary
Peicai Secondary
Ngee Ann Poly


Likes/Loves :

-Air = High Elements

-Land =
playing Basketball
playing Volleyball
playing Soccer
playing Badminton
all kinds of Sports

-Sea = Kayaking



-A Boring Day


Wishes :
-Bike:Spark/Wave/x1 yamaha
-Currently dream phone
-Branded watch
-havanas slipper
-Genting trip (again)
-Taiwan trip
-Hongkong trip
-Wild Wild Wet
-Night cycle (again)
-Earn more money
-Hard drive




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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We still had our fun(s)

School started on last monday and we are back to square one. waited for 20plus mins for the bus to arrive at bus stop, squeezed with people in the bus, and reached sch 30mins late for lectures. this trend will continue until i get my bike, which will last long..

On thursday, went for french class.. learnt new language and applied it with frens.. met frens after lesson at 5pm and we went to meet more frens @ the Cathay.. had our dinner @ Astons.
TB05&06 (2008)
Our double-up chickens. After we had our dinner and chit-chatting sessions at 10pm, we went to cine for wii sessions.. and spent some of our time laughing non-stop..

Sunday, went to road revision at 1.05pm.. The weather was rather good as the wind was cooling when on bike.. After 1 round of circuit route, we went for 4 rounds on road. when we went back into the circuit, it was only 2.25pm and so we had our circuit revisions.. 10 mins before lesson ended, we stopped our riding as the rain gets heavier.. asked instructors lots of questions before our tp on thurs..

Went home after bike lesson and got ready the stuff for swimming.. met sj and both lm(s) at sengkang.. and we went to sengkang swimming complex.. It looks like wild wild wet. so we went for the slides straight away.. thats was super fun..
ended our swimming at 7plus pm and we went to compass point for our dinner @ kfc..

Kris posted @ 8:23 PM

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the end of a long holiday

hadn't been updating blog.. the only reason: laziness! hahas.. so a summary of the past 2 weeks.

11th April (Saturday)
Went to cousin's chalet near pasir ris park
at around 12pm.. we spent some time on searching for the chalet.. it was like a bungalow.. super big.. but had to leave around 330pm to catch bus to pasir ris interchange and took shuttle bus to wp's chalet with sis's fren..

wednesday was my last day of work and it
was the day i was waiting all along.. had been waking up early during holidays to work and had to squeeze in the bus although i'm not going to sch.. that was 1 of the reason why i want to get a bike! maybe i have to wait for dozen years to buy a bike.. =(

17th April (Friday)
Slept till late morning and thought i would be staying at home to rot like thursday until i received sj's msg to go bugis for shopping. so we met in bus and headed to bugis to meet joy.. had our shoppings and i bought bag, shorts, belt and speaker charger.. joy bought her big shirt and sj bought her big combined suit.. hahas.. saw alot of ppl queuing and waiting for Aaron Kwok..

shan met us at bugis after her sch and we went for more rounds of shopping. lol.. and she found her bag too.. den we went to cineleisure and tried our methods and watched 17 again for free.. thanks shan.. and went to stay over at shan's house near sembawang park.. stayed up till 6am and i fell asleep..

18th April (Saturday)
I woke up at 11am and my alarm helped to wake up the rest.. went to bath so that i had sufficient time to go back home and head to riding at 320pm.. after ride, went home, bath, slack and went out at 840pm plus to kovan to meet yl, tiff and xj.. we went to 24hr HK cafe for dinner and had curry chicken.. yl's fren, edwin came to meet us around 10pm i guess.. den xj came, after her bbq with her pri frens..
We went to serangoon mac after that and slacked.. and so tian and jy met us.. chatted till 2am and we dismissed..

Kris posted @ 6:51 PM

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Friday

We reached east coast park at 2pm plus.. walked around and decided to go into the fishing area since the rest have not reached..

Displayed some of our food and were ready to fly kites when it started to drizzle.. we sought shelter at burger king and played uno.. It was around 4 plus 5pm when the weather was getting better and we laid our mat down again.. and we proceeded with our kites flying sessions..
And sandcastle buildings.. And throwing of stones.. with puffer fish caught by an ah ma and 2 grandsons..

Went to parkway parade for dinner with lin mei joining us after her work at 830pm.

Left parkway parade around 10 plus pm and headed home for a nice sleep after a day of seawater..

Kris posted @ 12:11 AM

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pulau Ubin

Saturday, went to sj's ah ma house to play bball.. supposed to meet at 3pm but end up starting our matches at 4 or 5pm.. played till 9pm plus and went up with joy to their ah ma house for dinner.. so many dishes.. and headed back home after that.. initially wanted to stay over at sj's house and prata together but we were scared of LS and not enough sleep..

So we met on sunday at the ferry.. meeting time was 10am while we gals arrived at 1030am and the guys arrived at 930am..

hermit crab

Kris posted @ 8:47 PM

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Work as per normal, went bball at braddell heights cc after work with sj, joy, nick, hs and jason.. we wanted to go to the bball court at outside last time's peicai.. but due to the spacious court (no one was using the court at that time) at braddell heights cc, we stayed there and played till 10plus pm..

Went to Velocity at novena with cousin and her frens for dinner after work.. den to hh after that at novena too.. learnt some stuff from instructor but hard to do it.. waves are rather hard to do as my body is not that flexible but managed to do turns without the legs ending up crossed.. lines, weight, timing.. have to memorise.. lol.. hope next tue i will manage well the waves.. reached home around 10plus pm.. had abit of sore throat..

Went to work.. without cousin at workplace as tuesday was her last day at work.. abit bu xi guan..

Didn't go to work as i had to do IS module enrolment at 4-530pm.. what a bad timing.. so
1) woke up at 12pm and went down to play bball.. the court was empty, and the sun was rather hot.. so i played less than 1 hour and went back to bath..
2) played pet society in facebook and yahoo online pool.. played till 4pm when i could do my IS module enrolment..
3) wanted to add Basic Conversational Spanish as i learnt some spanish from sis and next time we can communicate through spanish too..LOL.. but i think my slot was quite a late one, so left with not much choices.. so i chose Basic Conversational French.. so next time can communicate with lemin and joy through french. lol.. and chose Safety at Work for the other IS module..
4) met sis at amk hub at 530pm for dinner.. knew that we would eat an expensive meal so i skipped breakfast and lunch and left my stomach for dinner.. so we went to new york new york..

Hawaii Terriyaki Chicken
Chessy Chicken
Walked around amk hub after meal for digestion.. hahas.. a number of sales at the atrium.. bought some stuff.. saw a converse bball with gold wording. nice!

Went to work with coughsss.. damn.. hate to be sick during holidays.. boss was great and gave me "medicine".. and told me how to get eastern eggs in the facebook.. funny la. i think most of the colleagues at my workplace played pet society too..once after lunch, they went to play pet society before lunch break is over.. lol..
reached home around 630pm just now. was coughing like hell and body was burning and went to sleep at 7pm.. woke up at 1030pm only to realise that i have missed out shows.. felt better after the sleep.. and cough wasn't recovering.. felt so hard to even cough out..


Kris posted @ 1:52 AM